Landscape Moments Exhibition

I will be exhibiting some of my landscapes photographs at Fisherton Mill Gallery in Salisbury from the 3rd of July until the 31st of July. The exhibition is called 'Landscape Moments'.
"Landscape Moments"

Every now and again nature contrives to put on a display that is just magical. The Season, time of day, light, weather and scenery come together to produce a special moment. These moments can be fleeting and last a few seconds before they are gone, or longer and disappear gradually as time passes. Whether it is a spectacular sunrise glimpsed on the way to work or a walk on a crisp frosty morning these moments take our breath away.

It is the aspiration of every landscape photographer to capture these moments, but it takes anticipation and planning as well as photographic technique. Being in the right place at the right time is essential. Each photograph is a moment in time that records the magic and inspires the spirit.

In "Landscape Moments" I have included photographs that I believe capture some of these moments around and about Salisbury. Salisbury is surrounded by beautiful countryside, especially the downland and the chalk stream rivers. This landscape has its own individual character and environment which provides its own unique landscape moments that distinguishes this area from elsewhere.

If you would like to visit the exhibition there is a link to the Fisherton Mill website on the Links page, which shows the location and contact details or clicking here