One-to-One Tuition

Digital cameras have made photography easy and accessible to everyone. But taking your photography to the next level and creating stunning images still takes extra knowledge. Knowing the secrets of exposure, depth of field and composition can boost your creativity and produce the results you visualise.
Why One-to-One Tuition?
Of course, you could learn all this over time, through experience or from books. But in a One-to-One tuition session with an experienced photographer you'll learn shortcuts to creating the images you want faster.

Our One-to-One tuition is tailored to your interests and experience. Sessions are scheduled to suit your timetable and chosen subject. So whether you're inspired by landscapes on the downs or flowers in the garden, your time is spent on what you want to learn and at your pace. It's even OK to ask those questions that you might avoid in a group!

Who Would Benefit?

Since each session is bespoke they're suitable for all levels of experience.

If you're new to photography and simply want to learn more quickly, this is an ideal way to do it.

Maybe you're ready to take your photography to the next level? If so learn new techniques and get advice on equipment. DSLR or compact, a tripod and set of filters, find out what's best for you - it could be a shrewd investment.

Maybe your son or daughter's 'A' Level studies would benefit from a boost? Sometimes the talent within needs a helping hand.

Considering taking the plunge and capturing your images in RAW format? See what you can do when processing your image in Photoshop through the 'digital darkroom'.

As a small business owner would it make sense to take your own product photos? With the right knowledge it might be easier than you think.

What Do We Offer?

Some people call them rules, other people guidance, but you can learn tips to use immediately to create more powerful images. Composition seems to be the area where a lot of people struggle with their photography. There are a number of principles you can apply to make you image more compelling. But it is also about where you stand, the angle of view and what you leave out.

Aperture, exposure, depth of field aren't just photographic buzz words. Understanding these will unlock your creativity and let you capture a scene the way you want it to look. Are you stuck using the automatic settings on your camera? Switching to use the manual settings can make all the difference because you are in control not the computer in your camera - it only does what it is programmed to do.

Sometimes it takes more than a camera to make great images. Even in the digital age lens choice, filters and a tripod can make the difference between a 'nice shot' and a great image. I remember the eureka moment when I first used an ND grad filter (Neutral Density graduated filter), it was a revelation. Couple that with a tripod and long low light exposures can transform your output.

Develop your personal photographic style by exploring long exposures to capture movement, or try more abstract images with macro photography. If you want to create something more artistic than what is often called 'a record shot' you need to consider lighting, light and shade, depth of field as well as your subject matter. What is the emotion that makes you want to make a particular image?

Great photos don't just happen. They are visualised, researched and planned. Learn about the impact of the seasons, weather, time of day and above all, light. People often ask me how I took a particular photo. Often what they really mean is how did I know to be standing in that place, at that time of the morning, at that time of year in those weather conditions.

How Does It Work?

We're all different so why would one course suit everybody? You might want to learn more about the technical aspects of photography, or maybe you're simply looking for guidance on composition or creativity.

Initially we start with a telephone conversation to understand your needs and interests. Then we plan when, where and how to spend the time to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Locations are chosen to meet specific interests and timings arranged to suit you. An early start or late finish, between school runs, or split a day into two sessions, we're happy to be flexible. And it doesn't have to be One-to-One, if you prefer One-to-Two we offer a discount to both of you.

Once we've established where your interest lies we can plan the session (or sessions) to find the right date and location as well as those other important logistical considerations like food, drink and comfort - don't worry I don't function that well without coffee either!

We will also establish what you will need to bring in terms of equipment and clothing. Clothing and footwear to suit conditions. But again don't worry landscape photography doesn't necessarily mean a major expedition or a crack of dawn start. If you're interested in trying new equipment we can arrange for you to borrow a tripod or whatever, even a DSLR to try. If you have your own bring your instruction manual, it could save a lot of time.

How Much Does It Cost?

A full day session costs £175, or a half day is £90. If you prefer One-to-Two training we'll give you both a 20% discount on a full day or half day. We're also happy to discuss options for small groups, but obviously that removes the individuality of the tuition.

A day's session will be eight hours tuition, although the exact nature and timing will vary depending on your interests and the schedule.

We ask for a £50 deposit on booking and the balance four weeks before the date of tuition. If the date is less than four weeks away the full amount is payable.

How To Book Your Session
To book your session, enquire about dates or simply to discuss further please contact us, we'll be happy to help. Please either use the Contact page on the website, email or call on 01722 781084


If for some reason you need to cancel a session we ask for at least 48 hours notice, but obviously the sooner the better.

And a gift voucher for a One-to-One training session makes a perfect present - Christmas, Birthdays or Retirement.

About Ken Leslie

Ken Leslie is a professional photographer based in the Chalke Valley near Salisbury. He's created his own range of greetings cards and annual "Chalk and Chase" calendar, sells his images through major photo libraries, local galleries and on-line. His landscape photographs are exhibited regularly. He has been shortlisted in both the RHS Photographer of the Year and Landscape Photographer of the Year competitions.

"I've been taking photographs for over twenty years and professionally for the last three. I've learnt a great deal the hard way, through experience and trial and error - so whatever problems you're having, I've probably been there too!

I love to photograph the natural world at its peak. That means the weather, the season and time of day have to be right to get the best light, as well as the technical ins and outs. Photographically I know my best asset is having a good eye for a picture. Take a look around the rest of my website and decide for yourself"