Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

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The Chosen Tree
I was very pleased to hear last week that one of my images has been selected for this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year book.

'The Chosen Tree' was taken in May on a very blustery day.

It was a very blustery afternoon and the weather conditions didn't look great for photography so I decided to go and check out a location I'd seen earlier in the year. Once there I realised some dramatic shots might be possible. The wind was driving the clouds in front of the sun, which created shafts of sunlight sweeping across the landscape like giant searchlights. While setting up it became apparent the wind was a problem as my tripod blew over, fortunately no camera attached! I managed to get my ND grads in place and the exposure set just as a shaft of sunlight passed over this isolated tree. Cable release in one hand, the other holding my tripod steady. I only had time for one shot before the patch of sunlight moved away.